Our Facilities


A room for knowledge with extraordinary collection of novels and fictions by best selling authors, reference sections, journals , magazines and game section which treads on the young minds, eradicating the etymology with its serene atmosphere, endowing the students with the cognizance of learning.


There is a home built with meticulous plan catering to the comfy stay of your child. YIS avails for separate air conditioned hostels for boys and girls with latest hi-tech facilities that your ward would never let go off. The well furnished dormitories are made available with 4 and 6 seaters. Your child is also availed of exceptional amenities that makes your ward's stay more pleasant and convenient with the supply of 24x7 hot water, purified drinking water and dining facilities.

Class Rooms

The Yagappa International School which stands as an epic structure enthralling the eyes of a multitude, has an excellent and inexplicable air conditioned classrooms equiped with the modern style of learning that fosters and embraces the teachings of CBSE.

Recreation Hall

A time that offers splendor and delight to body and mind encumbering the spirit of unity, perseverance, mutual support and understanding - the essence that YIRS adds up to its curriculum, taking into consideration the overall development of your child.

Play area

The YIRS tickles and blooms the latent talents, skills and the art of coherence on the play field. They are facilitated with the area to play football, basketball, beach ball, cycling, table tennis and much more.


The Yagappa International Residential School plys buses for children to be dropped in and picked up from and to the school campus. They are also facilitated with the school bus for excursions and tours.


A sound body and a sound mind makes the child more lure towards academics. Enticing dinning area with timely breakfasts, lunch, dinner and refreshments are made with extra care, keeping in mind that every child is nourished with proper nutrient supplements that will prevail your child to amasswith strength, vigour, energy and remain healthy.

EC Activities Center

In order to make your ward a source of potentiality that reigns through the talent buzzing environment, the school gives in for a scope in the area of music, vocals, yoga, swimming, gymnastics, skating and field trips. Creativity is brought in with a pace of clubs on Carmanor (eco friendly environment), Kaleidoscope (photograpy), Picasso (painting), Ediesia (Cooking and baking) and Literary club that makes schooling much more interesting and thriving to luxuriantly flourish.


A place which is considered essential in the academia as it provides training in observation, supplied detailed information and arouses pupil's interest. Labs are set up with an aim to make the children comprehend and provide them an open chance of transforming the abstract into expediency thereby making the learning process wholesome and complete.