Annual Report

Yagappa Schools was built brick by brick with the valuable thoughts of providing excellent in class education to Tanjoreans. The overwhelming response from all sides pushed us to go beyond boundaries. Toddlers Yagappa was started in 2006 with just 8 little stars. With our vision cemented with the parents support, the institution grew taller and stronger in a short span of time. The continuous support and encouragement from parents made the institution to spread the essence of education wider and deeper with the emergence of Yagappa International Residential School that defined schooling and gave our children a new perspective of learning. The overwhelming response from all sides pushed us to go beyond boundaries and our pursuit of providing best in class education furthered with the emergence of Yagappa International Residential School with CBSE board of education with state of the art facilities at Sengipatti. These are ‘vision turned reality’ which has become possible only because of the blessings bestowed upon our school from our founder Mr. Y. Arul. We believe that he lives with us in all our actions and guides us in whatever venture we undertake.

The unending journey of Yagappa CBSE Sengipatti, inspired each one of us to travel “Towards better world”. This motto strongly vocalizes the effective change within ourselves to manifest a great transformation to the community. In the beginning of the academic year, the children were filled with the fullest of joy to travel, learn, and advance in various activities like academics, physical activity, exposing their creativeness, exhibiting their talents in numerous competitions. On our founders day we remembered our founder Mr. Y. Arul, who was unique and made a better living providing us the right source of education.

In the forth coming period of the year, children participated in lot of events and competitions. Each of their move were deeply creative and they participated with all their ability. Students from all sections volunteered themselves and put their full effort to bring out the best within them, it also motivated the other students to indulge and exhibit themselves to try and move forward in whatever destiny there were summoned for. We had our founders day celebration in our campus as a respect and rememberance of our dear founder, children were filled with great joy as it was the beginning of academic year, they participated in various programmes such as group songs, choreography and skits. Our dear students participated in all the upcoming competitions with fullest of effort and interest, Competitions in where children were indulged in variant competitions like Art beat competition, mime and rhyme, Poem recitation, Talk about leaders, Patriotic Exultation, story narration, Elocution, creative fantasy, and inter-school competitions.

Love, respect and gratitude were clearly demonstrated to all the teachers of Yagappa family by our inspiring children who made a memorable day on September 5, Vivace was the most spectacular sports event which vibrantly pushed the students to bring the spirit of being a true Athelet and indeed it brought pride to each one of us, The victory was celebrated with the fullest of joy.

Celebration without utmost triumph is always empty, Children of yagappites never lack anything less in showing their vituality, we give assurance to the students to volunteer without fear or anxious but will full spirit of participation and creativity. With extreme glee we celebrated navarathi, Halloween day, childrens day, chistmas and pongal, each moment on this celebration lies as a pillar of remembrance until the very end of all our yagappites.

Educational tour and Field trip were taken as a challenge to explore and adventure something new in the outer sphere, to mould them to balance any difficult situation in life and to experience and learn all moral and good values to show the best of their abilities to prove and come out in flying colours and also to be a promised high-fliers in the forth coming future.