Our Facilities


Well planned classrooms provide a good ambiance for the learners. All the class rooms are mounted with smart digital boards, projector and a white board. The learners are given a net book each for their class room activities. Gone are the days that incorporated 'Chalk and Talk pedagogy' for learning. Yagappa assures giving a strong learning experience to the learners through the implementation of advanced technology measures of the nano age. The air conditioned class rooms assure the learners a good conducive environment for learning.


Yagappa library is equipped with treasures of knowledge maintained, organized, and managed by trained personnel to educate the children continuously and assist in their self-improvement through an effective and prompt dissemination of information embodied in the resources. Besides aiding in the studies of children and assisting the teachers in their teaching and periodical research, the library is primarily concerned to pro-create an urge for reading amongst the children who here get a first-hand-knowledge to use the library resources most effectively in their future career; thus serving to build up a strong mental base and character of the children.


Yagappa provides a vibrant Campus life to our students.To ensure a smooth transition to school life, students are surrounded by a supportive and caring environment that inspires academic excellence, while balancing the vibrant social life of a child. Always comfortable but never boring, our campus has got many interesting features ..


Books are best guides and friends of a person which never leave you alone. Whatever be the situation you are in it encourage and guides you towards knowledge from darkness of ignorance. Each child accesses the library for reading and reference works.

All classes are provided with at least one library period per week. We have special emphasis on developing the reading and reference habit which will encourage our students to think out-of-the-box. Our well-appointed library has books and periodicals, covering varieties of subjects. It has books ranging from fairy tales, encyclopedias, fiction, science, arts, crafts, sports, games, general knowledge.

IT enabled Classrooms

We are proud to be the only school to offer Air Conditioned IT-Enabled Classrooms. At Yagappa, we have moved beyond chalk & talk pedagogy. Our teaching-learning methodology is stress-free, student centered, experiential and interactive. Each classroom has a computer,projector and an interactive board, so that the teaching process is multi-sensory and an interactive experience.


Yagappa School has fully equipped laboratories for Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Subject related models, charts, video and audio CDs for other subjects are made accessible to students.


School provides a well organized and secured transportation facility. Adequate care is taken for the safety and security of the children. Transport fee is payable annually. We operate this facility on various routes.